Monday, 19 September 2016

Oldhammer Tainted Hobbit finally finished.......

Finally finished the tainted hobbit conversion. Previous post detailing the journey is here. A great fun conversion and I'm quite pleased with the hand painted banner....the first I've done in many, many years. The Order of the Chaotic Pork Pie.......or should that be of the Chaotic Kipling Cake?

Also finished a couple of others,  a Mark Copplestone Grenadier Fantasy Warriors Knight - still available from Forlorn Hope Games or Mirliton.

 Picked up a bunch of Westwind's lovely 'Secrets of the Third Reich' miniatures recently and immediately had to paint this guy -'Big Thug'. You can download a free rules supplement to the game here.

That's all for now, hopefully more regular posting soon.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Derek the Troll lives again!

That cartooning God Lew Stringer has collated all the old series from the 80s White Dwarf magazines into a one off issue............

"Classic Comics from the 1980s! Derek the Troll, the affable but stinky denizen of pre-history, features in this complete collection of his strips from WARLOCK and WHITE DWARF magazines of the mid-1980s. Also includes the complete Rock Solid, Space Hero serial that ran in SWIFTSURE comic in 1985. PLUS two short Combat Colin strips from the late 1980s.

32 pages: full colour covers, black and white interiors. Quality printing throughout. Suggested for older children and upwards."

Pop over to Lew's website and order a copy quick!

Sunday, 4 September 2016

The Assault Group Dwarves - Kettle Drummer WIP

After a long hiatus due to children being off school, social anxiety issues and spending time looking after my mum I have returned to the maelstrom.....2 new (very comfortable) settees in the front room mean that miniatures have been relegated to the back (dining) room.....very little space for anything, however I've got the painting table in a reasonably accessible corner with the luxury of the dining table to my left and an empty mantelpiece shelf to my right......the heights of luxury. 

A recent order from The Assault Group included a bunch of accessories for my mounted dwarves including holstered pistols and kettle drums....I remember seeing a Dixon Miniatures Mongol Kettle Drummer back at my earliest Northern Militaire by around 1974 (I think, possibly '75 but not sure if Dixon had started by then as I've read 1976 before now so may have the year confused) and was desperate to go back the next day but my father had other things to do of course (God bless him, he'd taken a young me there for the first day out of his weekend). If anyone has a copy of that Mongol Kettle Drummer (Camel) please let me have a pic or a trade! Anyway, Milliput mixed and Kettle Drums cleaned up it was a simple job of supergluing the drums to either side, having already attached the rider's body, and filling in relevant gaps....I'm certainly a poor sculptor so merely flattened out visible areas between the 2 drum and will paint accordingly...... the separate arm choice was one with a raised pistol - the easiest to convert to holding a drumstick. The drumsticks are merely cut off pins from an IKEA sewing kit. The earmuffs are a thoughtful addition as I realised the drums were rather close to the ponies' ears....

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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Martian Metals' unreleased minis...........

Came across an interesting review of 2 pieces slated for release in 1982 that I've never seen before - 'Fallen Dragon' and 'Panzerdillo'. The former being self explanatory and the latter....well......a cross between a WW1 French tank and an Armadillo.......certainly an interesting design! Martian Metals went out of business following a fire at their warehouse which destroyed their molds.....the masters survived and everything was insured.....not sure why they didn't carry on but I assume there were reasons......

Panzerdillo is obviously based on the ELP Tarkus album cover.....

Lots of interesting links across the internet for Martian Metals - if anyone knows more please add them in the comments.

Catalogue PDF

15mm Article 

Various Pics and For Sale

Lost Minis WIKI

OGRE Miniatures

Traveller 15mm

As always I'm on -

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Northumbrian Tin Soldier - Time Robbers II - Evil existed long before good....

Following in the recent footsteps of the Time Robber dwarven types, that purveyor of lead goodies at Northumbrian Tin Soldier has had the talented Martin Buck sculpt up some additions that fit the bill for many evil geniuses across the fantasy genre. 

All painted by the awe-inspiringly talented Andy Taylor...

The minis released so far are available here (please let David know I sent you).

I also realised, once again, that one could use these for games based on certain movies if you were that way inclined.....Classical Greece meets Napoleon meets Robin Hood's England and so on....all in the vain pursuit of a map which will allow, well, the understanding of digital watches for one thing. 

Previous release blog post;

Films to watch for inspiration..........

This would also make a great Frostgrave quest....suitably weird warbands abound within the Time Robber range and, of course, my favorite Nightfolk one....(more of my Nightfolk posts here).

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Friday, 12 August 2016

A taste of Oldhammer.....Tainted Hobbit 1.

I think I have been infected once again by the love of old Citadel by that wonderful 'Bring Out Your Lead' meeting of Oldhammerers at Wargames Foundry in Stoke. Marcus, Diane and Bryan Ansell, along with a host of others, do a fantastic job of organising the gathering including supplying food and alcohol.....I can't think of a much better weekend's pursuit! There are a veritable plethora of blog postings out there for the 3 day event, a list of some I have found are at the bottom of this post. One day I will get down good mate Tony Yates keeps telling me to come. Kev Adams was there again this year sculpting heads on minis for charity. Top blokes. Anyway, I had recently picked up a job lot of old bits and pieces and found this particular Hobbit minus his sword....slightly to the left of rear middle in the pic below.

How the figure should be, courtesy of Pmc815234 of the CCM WIKI.

Due to the greyness of the lead I decided to give him a controversial overnight soak in vinegar....this has been recommended by some to get rid of the dreaded lead rot......after an overnight soak he had a severe toothbrush scrubbing with soap and water. I have to say this brought him up a treat although it has to be remembered that the acid in the vinegar can also cause the chemical reaction leading to lead rot so ensure ALL residue is removed......potential screams down the years will otherwise haunt me. I then decided to cut away the remnants of the sword hilt and drill through the hand (using a pin vice) and also into the base. As below, he was ready to hold a spear or standard....

Whilst looking for suitable bits for him I delved into a couple of recent pick ups - plastic remains from other hobbyists' Games Workshop kits - these are a boon to anyone for conversion fodder. I noticed a Skaven Warp sign shield piece that fitted perfectly on his shield and realised that tainted waters could drift through the water table even to the far reaches of the Shire......I then found a suitable standard and removed the skulls and chains, then added a Skaven tail and skull along with a spearhead. The spearhead was possibly the most tricky as I wanted to keep the flanges at either side of the shaft (having to drill it out for the steel wire replacement). Thinking that the skull top to the standard wasn't particularly 'Hobbit' like, even for a tainted one, I found a candle that cried out 'YES!' in a little eureka moment. The piece is from a Scotia Grendel accessory set - they have far too many tempting bits.... 

I have since wrapped the tail around the spear to make it look as if he uses it as a 3rd hand and also added a rat (GW plastic) to the base. Undercoated already and hopefully the painting will start tonight.

13/08 A little progress tonight whilst watching the latest couple of episodes of Outcast on Netflix....really should turn the TV off and paint least you get to see the rat...

The full range of Citadel (solid base) Halfings can be seen here and, having had a look at them, it reminded me I have a bunch somewhere and may do some other conversions......

It mustn't be forgotten that Marcus' Warmonger side to Foundry has a wonderful selection of Halflings sculpted by the inestimable John Pickford....the set of Bulmoon's Bar and the Villagers are a must for everyone.....tell them I sent you.....

The full range is here.

A few 'Bring Out your Lead' posts

There is also a T-shirt to commemorate the weekend available from Warmonger Miniatures here. Marcus' sister Maria commissioned this.

'Our first t shirt featuring an Orc lllustration by Paul Philburn, artist and nephew of the late Wayne England, is now available for pre-order.

"Wayne was a massive influence on me... my artwork and love of gaming in all aspects of building and terrain loonacy which I've passed onto my lads...the circle is complete" (Paul Philburn)'

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Monday, 8 August 2016

The Holy Grail has arrived.......................

Sometimes the postman makes me grin.......I'll take full pics at a later date. 

Now I need to think of a new Holy Grail.....this has prompted me to a new secret for now though....